Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rasa & Bhava in Indian Music - 03 of 06

Following is the flow of the third of the six part special, Rasa & Bhava in Music and in this link; we discuss in detail the duality factor in Indian classical music:

- snippet of baadal ghumad badh aaye (Saaz, 1997)
- explaining the duality factor in Indian classical music
- Musicologist Sharangdeva’s theory of co-relating of rhythm and rasa
- Tabulation of using the correct tempo to convey the desired emotion
- How a different rasa can be created utilizing dynamics like volume levels
- snippet of abhi na jao chhod-ke (Hum Dono, 1961)

Hope you enjoy listening to the show, Bollywood Rewind: Rasa & Bhava in Indian Music (03 of 06) –

I do not own rights for the songs and the visuals used in this video. If any concerned individual or an organization has an objection to the music or visuals used here, kindly notify me and I’ll promptly pull it down.

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