Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rasa & Bhava in Indian Music - 02 of 06

Following is the flow of the second of the six part special, Rasa & Bhava in Music:

- snippet of dekha ek khwab (Silsila, 1981)
- Nav-rasa: what are the 9 rasas? What does each rasa mean?
- Rasas other than the ones mentioned in Nav-rasa
- How does one apply a rasa to a composition?
- Musicologist Sharangdeva and his interpretation of the Rasa Theory in Sangeet-Ratnakara.
- Theory about how each note carries its own scope of emotions with it.
- How the mood or bhava of a raga is dictated by the dominant notes in it, which would impart their emotional color to the melody.
- snippet of naina barse rim jhim (Woh Kaun Thi, 1964)

Hope you enjoy listening to the show, Bollywood Rewind: Rasa & Bhava in Indian Music (02 of 06) –

I do not own rights for the songs and the visuals used in this video. If any concerned individual or an organization has an objection to the music or visuals used here, kindly notify me and I’ll promptly pull it down.


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